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A.J. Vitaro is designer of the original Tantra Chair

A.J. Vitaro is an eccentric furniture designer specializing in designs that accentuate, elevate and inspire the human spirit. Inspired by esoteric concepts at a very young age, A.J. Vitaro began articulating the feminine divine through various artistic mediums from stone sculpture to furniture design.

“There are many aspects of our world that humanity, as a collective consciousness, can improve upon but there is one place to start in my humble opinion. We must free the feminine divine energy that has been suppressed by dogmatic principles for thousands of years. It’s time that we bring love, heart, light and balance back to this paradigm.” - A.J. Vitaro


Recognized as kama sutra chair

A.J. Vitaro‘s work has touched countless people around the world and continues to permeate the far reaches of the planet. The Discovery Channel, eMercedes Benz, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Glamour, Elle, Playboy TV and The New York Times all give The Tantra Chair their highest recommendation.


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