The Tantra Chair ®Inception

The Tantra Chair ® design concept was invented by AJ Vitaro of Scottsdale, Arizona in 1999. With extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, AJ was inspired to create a furniture design that yielded formidable versatility and comfort for all body types. The primary intention behind the design was to encourage couples to be more present during lovemaking. AJ believed that if he could create a design that not only enhanced the lovemaking experience but also accentuated the finest interiors, The Tantra Chair ® would quickly expand to marketplaces around the globe.

Baseball stitch
The Tantra Chair ®

Baseball stitchThe Tantra Chair ®

Baseball stitching is used throughout The Tantra Chair ® Design for two reasons; Design Quality and Strength. The contrast Baseball Stitching visually highlights the elegant curvature of the design and encourages you to focus on the cascading angles of The Tantra Chair ®. Baseball Stitching is also one of the finest when it comes to quality, strength and longevity. Every chair is designed and built to last a lifetime.

Dual arc system
The Tantra Chair ®

Dual arc system

AJ Vitaro developed the dual arc system over an arduous four year period of time and began testing the conceptual angles in 2000. With the help of countless couples, AJ was able to refine the angles until they worked perfectly for couples of all shapes and sizes. The Tantra Chair ® design was finally perfected in 2003 and patented in 2006.

The Tantra Chair ®

NailheadsThe Tantra Chair ®

Nail heads are used to provide a visual plane along the bottom of The Tantra Chair ®. The nail heads are purely decorative and they are available in pewter or antiqued brass. The pewter color creates a more contemporary vibe whereas the antiqued brass will accentuate a more traditional home décor. You can even order The Tantra Chair ® without nail heads for an ultra modern appeal.

Chair colors

Video presentation

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The Tantra Chair ®Chair colors

The Tantra Chair ® is offered in 10 beautiful colors! Each and every chair is meticulously handcrafted with the world’s finest, eco-friendly materials. The soft, supple, synthesized leather feels amazing on the skin and will maintain it’s elegant appearance for a lifetime. The leather is stain resistant, anti-microbial, moisture resistant and effortless to clean.

Female form
The Tantra Chair ®
The Tantra Chair ®
The Tantra Chair ®
The Tantra Chair ®
The Tantra Chair ®
The Tantra Chair ®
The Tantra Chair ®
The Tantra Chair ®
The Tantra Chair ®
The Tantra Chair ®

Female formThe Tantra Chair ®

AJ Vitaro has always been inspired by the elegance of the female form and this inspiration is inevitably expressed in his furniture designs. As a young child, AJ began drawing the female form and was also fascinated with architectural arches and natural curvature found in nature. Today, his primary focus is on furniture design, stone sculpture and fine art photography.

Tantra chair history
The Tantra Chair ®

The Tantra Chair ®History

1999 Idea for The Tantra Chair ® is conceived.
2003 Design is perfected.
2006 Patent awarded by USPTO. Supplemental trademark registered.
2010 Reaches global status with sales in every nation.
2014 Principle trademark awarded (recognized as original design)
Meet the designer

The designerThe Tantra Chair ®

AJ Vitaro is an eccentric furniture designer specializing in designs that accentuate, elevate and inspire the human spirit.

The time has come to free the divine feminine energy that has been suppressed by dogmatic principles for thousands of years. Let’s bring love, light and balance back to our earthly paradigm.
AJ Vitaro
It’s time that
we bring love,
heart, light and
balance back
to the life.

AJ Vitaro’s work has touched thousands of people around the world and continues to permeate the far reaches of the planet. The Discovery Channel, eMercedes Benz, Men’s Health, Women’s Heath, Glamour, Elle, Playboy TV and The New York Times all give The Tantra Chair their highest recommendation.

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The Tantra Chair ®

The tantra chair

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